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Indian Head Massage Coventry - Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Posted on 25 November, 2015 at 11:20 Comments comments (2)

Indian Head Massage- it sounds divine doesn’t it? But actually, Indian Head Massage isn’t simply a ‘treat’ – the benefits are really rather crucial and can assist with a variety of physical and emotional problems and concerns. Here’s just a few of them:


1. Helps prevent migraines, headaches and back pain:


Often tension in the upper back, neck and head can lead to migraines, headaches and back pain which can make for uncomfortable living on a day to day basis and sometimes even lead to depression.


A massage therapist will start the Indian Head Massage by applying pressure to points in the upper back, arms and shoulders that will release muscles and knots. They will then move to the neck and head to reduce headache-causing blockages and encourage better circulation of the cerebral fluid.


2. Promotes hair growth:


This is a lovely side effect of the Indian Head Massage (if you’re trying to grow your hair anyway…;). The massage increases nourishment and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicle which in turns stimulates hair growth. It’s a one way ticket to long, luscious locks!


3. Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage:


Indian Head Massage stimulates and improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck thus helping to remove waste products from the body.


4. Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia:


These are often side-effects of stress and Indian Head Massage will immediately relieve stress and promote relaxation by attacking the physical symptoms, thus allowing for a deeper sense of wellbeing and relaxation and opening your body to better rest.


5. Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression:


Massaging the head encourages the supply of oxygen to the brain which is one of the best ways of reducing anxiety and of lifting one’s mood. Oxygen helps you think clearly and creatively and a similar effect is Calm experienced through exercise.


6. Renews energy levels:


An Indian Head Massage works with the Ayurvedic concept which goes beyond the limits of healing and places emphasis on balance. Working on the chakras through Indian Massage has a powerful effect in bringing the energy of the body back into balance.


7. Boosts memory capabilities:


Often we have short-term memory difficulties because our brains are overloaded with disorganised thoughts, making it very difficult for us to efficiently ‘log’ and collect thoughts and occurrences.


Indian Head Massage slows us down, sensual awareness takes over, thoughts quieten and awareness is brought to the forefront. Think of it like someone pressing your ‘reset’ button.



Here at The Glam Squad we offer Indian Head Massage for half an hour for £25. We also offer courses allowing you to study this amazing treatment.


It is a seated massage working on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face and can be applied through clothes or directly on to the skin using oil.

Beauty Training Courses - Midlands - Special Offer

Posted on 3 November, 2015 at 6:15 Comments comments (0)

SPECIAL OFFER - training courses all now reduced for November.


Fancy a change of career or a second income? Train now ready for the busy festive period and earn yourself extra cash for Christmas!


Shellac nails (one day course) - £120.00

Indian Head Massage (one day course) - £100.00

Facial Massage (one day course) - £120.00

Spray Tanning (one day course) - £75.00

Lash and Brow Tinting (two day course) - £100.00

Cluster Lash Extensions (one day course) - £100.00

Individual Lash Extensions (one day course) - £140.00


Alternatively you can do an intensive 3 day course covering the following for just £600.00. Shellac nails, Indian Head Massage, Facial Treatments, Spray Tanning, Cluster Lashes, Lash and Brow Tinting.


All courses are one to one and take place in the privacy of your own home at a time to suit you. You will work on a model of your choice.


To book drop me a message. None of these courses require any previous experience, however we do require you to undertake pre reads prior to attendance, with an assessment on the pre read theory on the day of your course.


You will be awarded a Glam Squad Diploma - which is accredited by Professional Beauty Direct. This means you will be able to obtain public liability insurance and can work as a self employed therapist in your chosen areas.

The Glam Squad - Advice for customers Re Shellac and Gel Polish

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What you need to know about shellac/gel polish nails....

Shellac manicures are more durable than regular manicures, but there are drawbacks. Understand the benefits and risks.

The manicure industry is abuzz about a more durable option: shellac nails.

What is shellac?

This nail treatment, which is sometimes referred to as a gel manicure, promises to last as long as a full month without chips, breaks or the need for extra coats.

If this sounds like your manicure dream coming true, weigh the pros and cons before heading to the salon. And remember to visit a nail salon that practices good hygiene and is properly properly licensed.

1. Start with healthy nails before adding shellac. Shellac nail polish is an excellent choice for durable nails, but it's not for everyone. It requires healthy fingernails. If your cuticles and nail bed are peeling, damaged or splitting, you should not have this treatment. These problems will affect the durability of your finished nails, so it is best to fix the problems before having the treatment.

2. Shellac gel finish lasts up to 3 weeks. The longevity of shellac nail treatment is its main benefit. Almost every shellac nail treatment will last 14 days. Most people find that the nail polish stays in place for a full month, but new nail growth may send them back to the salon for a touch-up. Be aware that shellac is porous, and cleaning products, pool chemicals and other chemicals can cause it to peel or chip.

3. Practice nail care at home

While shellac nail polish will last longer than traditional nail polish, it does require home care to keep the nail healthy and the polish looking good. You should apply cuticle oil to your nails twice a day. This will penetrate the porous polish and nourish the nail bed, keeping your nails healthy underneath the pretty colors. Wear gloves when using strong chemicals, lotions or tanning oils.

4. Remove shellac polish carefully

Shellac can't be removed with the nail polish remover you probably use at home. The treatment requires a special process to protect nails and cuticles. You may be tempted to peel the nail polish off when it begins loosen, but doing so will damage the top layer of your nail. It's best to return to the salon to have your nails soaked in a special acetone and wrapped.

The wrapping uses your body heat to loosen the polish so it can be removed. The nail technician may have to scrape the sureface of your nail to remove the polish, but it's better than peeling the polish off. Buffing will help smooth your nail surface.

5. Understand the limitations and health risks of shellac

While durable and beautiful, shellac treatment has some limitations. First, it is not a nail strengthener. Second, it cannot be used to lengthen the nails, so people who opt for this treatment should have nails at the length they like.

Please visit for more info.

Halloween Nail Art

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How funky are these Halloween nails - they can be created with standard nail polish, or shellac nails, so get your nails spooked up! x

Nail Art - Shellac Nails

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Fancy getting creative and doing some nail art of your own? Here are some really effective but simple designs to get you started! Please upload your comments, feedback or images of your own designs! x

Festive Special Offers

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Festive Special Offers - Mobile Beauty and Pamper Parties - Balsall Common, Coventry and surrounding areas:

The Festive season is fast approaching and its the perfect time of year for a cosy night in with your friends!

Add our page The Glam Squad, or visit for more info on our pamper parties and mobile beauty therapy services.

The more people that have treatments the bigger the discount that can be applied x


Posted on 20 October, 2015 at 17:35 Comments comments (1)

Free Radio have booked us for a pamper party at their offices - what a great way to spend your lunch break! :D

Outfit Store Opening, Rugby

Posted on 20 October, 2015 at 17:35 Comments comments (1)

EEEEEK, we feel honoured to be booked for the OUTFIT opening in Rugby. Come along to get your FREE manicures. HEART FM will also be there hosting the event!


Upcoming events

Posted on 14 January, 2014 at 0:50 Comments comments (0)

Excited to have been booked for another pamper party in Burbage! A lucky lady is celebrating her 16th birthday and we can't wait to join in the celebrations with her and make her feel like a princess for the day!:D

Upcoming events

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We will be at the Holiday Inn Coventry South (Ryton) wedding fayre on 2nd Feb. Please come along and meet us if you are looking to book us for an event and we can go through your requirements in more depth. We will also be doing out treatments there so you can have a demonstration of all that we have to offer! :)